Our 2021 Project ($150,000)

‘Overcoming the “triad of death” by developing anti-cancer drugs for the treatment of deadly childhood Neuroblastoma’ – Professor Des Richardson (Griffith University)

Soirée For A Cure requested grant application submissions from four Brisbane cancer research institutes to find the project that was the most worthy of support. The six shortlisted applications were assessed on the basis of their scientific merit and which had the most potential to achieve a breakthrough in finding a cure for cancer. Tour de Cure’s Grants Committee unanimously supported the project led by Professor Des Richardson from Griffith University.

“Neuroblastoma in children remains an aggressive and stubbornly resistant childhood cancer. The project we are supporting provides hope that a novel treatment can be developed. Over the past 36-years, Prof. Richardson has generated a substantial track record in developing a pipeline of innovative anti-cancer agents that overcome the deadly “Triad of Death” in cancer, namely metastasis (spread), primary tumour growth and resistance (Richardson,D.R.Pharmacol.

No other anti-cancer agent possesses these 3 innovative properties.”

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