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Inspired by the need to have a cancer-free world we have created a night to remember for the Brisbane community.

Our Soirée For A Cure committee is a group of passionate Tour de Cure ambassadors. Between us, we have been part of the epic Tour de Cure charity rides and fundraisers for over 30 years and have collectively raised more than $2,000,000 for cancer research during this time. Two of us have been the recipients of the annual Tour de Cure Board Award, the highest recognition possible for service to the charity.

Daren Armstrong (Chair)

My own personal journey with cancer involves 2 different unrelated types of this disease. For my most recent cancer (Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, or ACC), 2013 and 2014 was spent undergoing multiple major head and neck surgeries and radiation treatment, and trying to optimise basic functions like eating, drinking and speaking. In early 2017 it was discovered the ACC had spread to my lung and a section had to be removed to get rid of the tumour. Another tumour was found in late 2018 which required more lung to be removed. Nobody knows how to cure this rare cancer and given the continued spread my prognosis remains unclear. I am seeing more and more the devastating impacts this disease has on my family and friends. The sooner cancer can be no longer considered a potential death sentence the better. Your support means everything as I continue to fundraise for a cure.

Steve Hutchings

I have seen my dad and others close to me battle with this disease, and whilst I am able to do so will continue to share Tour de Cure’s message of being fit, healthy and happy and fundraise to help achieve a cancer free world.

Paul Egan (Secretary)

I sadly lost my mum to cancer and when my business bookkeeper, Kathy, contracted breast cancer in 2009 my fundraising journey for cancer research commenced in earnest. Since then, I have completed 27 Tour de Cure rides or walks including 10 consecutive Tour de Cure Signature Tour rides. Unfortunately, Kathy died in 2012 and that spurs me on to keep fundraising.
Though my involvement with Tour de Cure I have raised over $250,000 for cancer research, support and prevention and continue to have a dream to find a cure.

Cameron Kelly (Treasurer)

Too many deeply valued friends are battling cancer to do nothing! There has to be a cure for this insidious problem and more has to be done to look. I wanted to do something meaningful for my mates Aaron, Daren & Luke and have been inspired by stories & passion of Tour de Cure participants to do more than donate. Doing 2 TDC Cycling Signature Tours, doing logistics was easily a top 5 life experience! The amazing ‘bubble’ of great people, doing something extraordinary with such a fun spirit and dedication was truly uplifting. When being involved in the inaugural Soiree for a Cure here in Brisbane came around in 2020, I couldn’t resist! I am grateful to those that can contribute to this great cause and I know from my time with the Tour de Cure head office team that every dollar will be treasured and deployed efficiently.

Brendan Flanagan

Cancer has had a devastating impact on my family and close friends. My hope is that riding my bike and raising funds can lead to breakthroughs that enable more families to spend more time together.
I am committed to supporting research into the causes, treatments, and prevention of cancer with the belief that success is just around the corner.

Jaden Hassan

At the first Soirée For A Cure event, as we rallied for those battling cancer, I received a call that made the fight deeply personal. My partner had just received the news that my Grandfather in law had been diagnosed with cancer. By the second Soirée, my grandfather-in-law and others dear to me had passed, underscoring the urgency of our mission and the speed at which this disease ravages families.  Inspired by the committee’s significant year-over-year impact, I transitioned from sponsor to committee member. Joining the Committee was a step beyond remembrance—it became a stride towards action, a commitment to honour every life touched by cancer by contributing to a future where such losses are no more.

Angie Rogers

Cancer used to be one of those diseases that affected someone you had indirectly heard of but these days it creeps so much closer to home. I lost my grandmother many years ago to Pancreatic cancer, only a week before my wedding day. Sadly my beloved brother James lost his battle with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma less than 12 months ago and his cancer was apparently the best of a bad bunch!! What struck me most about James’s experience was the number of people affected by this awful disease, people of all ages and from all walks of life. I would visit James in hospital and I was utterly astounded by the sheer volume of people overflowing the cancer treatment centres. It was a profoundly humbling and raw experience. Whilst I won’t be jumping on a bike anytime soon, I am happy to dust of my events organizing apron and help make the Soirée an awesome night to help raise money and awareness for the amazing work being done by the researchers in finding a cure for cancer… plus they really needed a lady on the team to keep these guys in check!

Tess Nash

Every person has likely been touched by cancer at some point within their lives, and I have had a number of friends and family members sadly be diagnosed with this terrible disease. Having watched my sister battle cancer in recent years and seeing the toll it took on her body before she sadly passed away makes this a cause that is close to my heart. The Tour de Cure and Soiree for a Cure teams are an incredible community dedicated to fundraising and supporting this important cause, in the hopes of one day being able to prevent these types of diseases and giving those who suffer the chance to have their lives back again. 

Daya Kern

While I haven’t been directly impacted by cancer, I think it’s an awful disease that should have a 100% success rate of being cured with treatment no matter its type or stage. Being a part of the committee and helping out with the Soiree for a Cure yearly events is my way of helping out humanity with getting towards that goal (at least that’s how I see it). I am very thankful that this event helps fund lifesaving research, and look forward to helping out at many more soiree events.

Justine McDonald

I attended the Soiree for a Cure in early 2023 and was so deeply moved by the speaker, a young woman who had her adolescent life destroyed by suffering a rare form of cancer in her leg. Her story, beautifully eloquent way of speaking and vivacity and love for life touched me so much that I just had to get involved. Hearing about the amazing work that the doctors and researchers are able to do as a direct result of the contributions made by Soiree for a Cure, seeing the generosity in the room on the night was simply inspirational. And here I am. Helping with the amazing work this event does.

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